We charge 19c per SMS message sent.

Do you have a Message that you need to deliver via SMS? 

MyMessage is the integrated Messaging Solution you have been waiting for!

As a leading Bulk SMS service provider we offer you the complete solution for your Bulk SMS campaign.

With cutting edge technology and 9 years experience you can be assured that your message will reach its destination.

Short Message Service (SMS) has been proven as the preferred option for delivering messages to a mobile phone, using the power and reliability of the cellular networks as a delivery method.

Messages can be sent to friends, groups, clients or staff, and are less expensive than traditional communication methods, which can be slow, ineffective and time consuming.

Why MyMessage?

  • No need to install any software
  • Available to you anywhere there is an internet connection
  • You can import contacts from your Outlook address book using CSV or TAB delimited files
  • You can easily create and manage distribution groups
  • All messages are personalised
  • A low cost per message
  • No other hidden costs

MyMessage allows you to contact:

  • Your complete contacts list
  • Specific Groups (targeted messaging)
  • Specific Individuals

You can easily manage your contact list by creating groups, and then add individuals to one or more groups, allowing you send an SMS or eMail to either the individual, or the group or groups he belongs to, or to every single contact in your contacts list.

Contact MyMessage today to enquire about our low SMS fees, and how we can get your message to your clients quickly, accurately and stress free

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